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Our values

  • Environment, occupational health safety (EHS)

    Health and safety

    When providing the stable and safety products of the tap changers to customers, Huaming pays great attention on the occupational health of its staff.  ‘0ccupational Health and Safety Management System’ (OHOMS) has been established in accordance with ISO18000 international standard. The company arranges regulat free physical examination every two years for all staff, and different position sets different checking items and period. The further consultation and cure will be done if any doubt was discovered.


    Energy-saving and consumption-decreasing

    Everybody in Huaming keeps in mind ‘Raising energy efficiency from myself’; what’s more, we carry out the energy-saving and consumption-decreasing in our practical activities, such as: the production consumption decreasing, E-fax using, and “Save Paper” notice reminding, etc.

    In addition, Huaming focuses ‘energy saving and consumption-decreasing’ not only on traditional water and electric saving, but also get more attention on full process of producing and running.
    Nowadays, Huaming has promoted ‘energy saving and consumption-decreasing’, which has been the eternal topic, as its environment strategy.
    Environmental protection
    Huaming pays great attention on environmental protection. We not only insist in attaining to clean manufacture and reduce the pollution from our production process, but also maintain the tidiness of workshop and greenness of environment. We obtained the certifiate of Environment Management System’ (ISO14000) through everybody’s great exertion.

    Emplyees’ rihgts&interests

            Huaming strictly obey the laws and regulations of << Labor Law of the People’ s Republic of China >> and << Law of the People’s Republic of China on Employment contracts>> etc., and we protect the legal rights and interests of workers in accordance with the laws. In addition, we have established the perfect social security system for our staff, and protect their Lawful rights and interests in any case.

            Huaming implements the principle of ‘fairness’, ‘justice’, ‘open’ in the aspects of recruitment, employment, management, dismission, salary, and welfare etc. We conduct the insurances of endowment, medical care, unemployment, accidental injury, and housing fund for our staff, therein, all members have the same treatment on both medical care insurance and social security fund.

            Huaming’s staff enjoy the statutory holidays and annual leave withpay , spouses & funeral leave, maternity leave for women, and working overtime with external and holiday wages in line with the state regulation and company’s rules in Huaming’s execution.

          In the past twenty years, Huaming attached more importance to staff’s rights and interests through raising the salary several times: 
            In 2003, Huaming production line workers’salary got raised 20%.
          In 2010, the company plans a reform to share its profit with employees and the salary raised once again on a vast percentage. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to helping solve the problems of resident permit, housing, children education etc. for migrant employees with outstanding contribution, which solves their big concerns and increase the enthusiasm in daily work.